The Rose Bowl - Public Health, Community Events, and Open Space in the Central Arroyo Seco


The Rose Bowl - Public Health, Community Events, and Open Space in the Central Arroyo Seco

Environmental Scans

Since Fall 2012 Day One staff, volunteers, and  Youth Advocates have regularly conducted field surveys/scans of existing conditions at large event at the Rose Bowl. Learn more about this unique data collection effort and check out some of our findings here.

Troubling Tailgating Traditions - Alcohol Games

Whereas overeating or indulging in unhealthy tailgating food for a day poses few health or safety risks, other traditions like alcohol games can have far graver consequences to fans, visitors and the greater community insofar as they encourage binge drinking, and with it public health and safety risks ranging from impaired driving to violence. Learn more. 

Fans in Brookside Park (USC-11/12)

Rose Bowl / Tailgating / Official Rose Bowl Tailgating Policy

Official Rose Bowl tailgating policy, per the stadium website February 2012. Please note that Day One staff has highlighted policies in bold that involve consumption of alcohol or have been shown to impact alcohol use. 
"Tailgaiting is an important part of the game day experience for you the fan. We are committed to creating a fan friendly environment that is safe for all to enjoy. For most fans, tailgaiting is a time for celebrating team and school spirit among family and friends. You as fans play an important role in helping to preserve tailgaiting as that type of experience. For your safety and the enjoyment of all, we ask that you please help by observing these tailgaiting guidelines:

  • Public intoxication and alcohol impaired behavior will be addressed aggressively by law enforcement. If you see alcohol related behavior getting out of hand, please IMMEDIATELY contact Tailgating Ambassadors, Police, or Parking Personnel or call 911 to report the location and to describe the incident. Pasadena Police, security and parking personnel will be present to ensure that you enjoy the game in a safe and comfortable environment.

  • Fights and threatening behavior against other fans will also be addressed aggressively by law enforcement. If you see rivalries or other incidents where there is a threat of violence or other conduct getting out of hand, please email [a special email account will be established ] or call [a special number will be established] to report the location and to describe the incident.

  • Tailgating Ambassadors will continuously patrol the lots to provide information and assistance and to ensure that tailgaters comply with established guidelines. Tailgating Ambassadors will be dressed in green uniforms and will be on bicycles.

  • General parking lots (golf course, ball diamonds, Area H, West Drive RV parking) open six (6) hours prior to kick-off. When entering the parking lot, it is important to follow directions from parking personnel. Please note that there are no “in and out” privileges for vehicles.

  • Overnight parking is prohibited.

  • Parking lots close 90 minutes following the conclusion of the game.

  • Parking is first come-first served. No saving of parking spaces is permitted.

  • Please be respectful to fans around you, other vehicles and stadium property.

  • Roadways, aisles and other parking areas must be kept clear of tailgating equipment so that other vehicles and emergency personnel may park or pass through.

  • Tailgating at your vehicle should not interfere with the normal flow of traffic. Tailgating Ambassadors will patrol these areas to ensure compliance.

  • Guests must tailgate in front of or behind their vehicle only.

  • A small tent (not larger than 10'x10') may be erected in front of or behind your vehicle only. 

  • Open flames are not permitted in any tailgate or parking area. Charcoal grills are not permitted in the RV parking area (West Drive). All barbecue grills must be raised off the ground.

  • Charcoal grills are permitted in most tailgate areas. Please dispose of charcoal properly after use.

  • Please do not use glass containers. All drinks should be placed in plastic/disposable cups.

  • Please do your best to clean up your tailgating area before entering the game. Bring trash bags with you to dispose of trash. Neatly tied trash bags can be left at your tailgate area or taken to dumpsters located throughout the parking lot areas. Please refrain from leaving loose trash and litter in the parking areas.

  • Playing of games that involve the consumption of alcohol or use of alcohol-related paraphernalia are prohibited.

  • Use of controlled substances and underage drinking are against the law.

  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages in tailgating areas after kick-off is prohibited.

  • Selling of items or soliciting of any promotional or marketing activities are prohibited without written authorization from the event promoter and the Rose Bowl Operating Company. For additional information, contact the Rose Bowl administration office at (626) 577-3100.

  • Excessively loud amplified music (such as DJ's or live entertainment) is prohibited. Music with inappropriate language is prohibited in the tailgaiting areas.

  • Box trucks, trailers, grill in-tow or any catering service from an outside source are not permitted in parking lots.

  • Tailgate areas are for tailgating only. Organized, large-scale parties will be accommodated only in specific areas of Rose Bowl parking lots and must be arranged in advance through Rose Bowl Management. Examples of organized, large-scale parties include, but are not limited to: tents larger than 10'x 10'; rental furniture, on-site catered food; fencing; reserved space; amplified sound; commercial grills, corporate or commercially sponsored parties. For more information concerning organized parties, contact RBOC (626) 577-3100.


  • If you need assistance or observe a potential problem, contact Tailgating Ambassadors, Police, or Parking Personnel or call 911.

                 -ROSE BOWL STADIUM VEHICLE TAILGATING POLICY, (accessed 4/24/2014).