Making Communities Healthier! 

Pomona is ranked as the 18th most overweight/obese city in California and the 8th most overweight/obese city in Los Angeles County. Day One is currently working towards making Pomona a healthier city! Efforts include working with youth, residents and community partners to ensure the city makes healthy food available at city-sponsored events and meetings. We are also working to create more chances for physical activity and making the healthy choice the easy choice! Day One staff trains a group of youth to advocate for changes in their community and educate their peers and residents on how to make healthy choices and changes in their lives!

Reducing Youth Access to Tobacco!

In a recent Youth Purchase Survey conducted in Pomona by Day One staff and volunteers, it was found that of the 115 tobacco retailers surveyed, 21/115 (18%) were willing to sell tobacco products to minors. Of the 21 retailers that were willing to sell, 11 (52%) were located within walking distance (1500 ft.) of a school. Day One is currently working to educate the community about the problem of youth access to tobacco products and how we can work together to safeguard our youth by coming up with solutions that seek to reduce youth access to tobacco. Current efforts include attending community and school events throughout Pomona to educate students and residents about the issue, working with youth advocates to brainstorm solutions, and meeting with local elected officials and key players to educate them on the issue in the hope of finding a solution that fits Pomona!

Engaging Young People In The Decision-Making Process!

Day One builds vibrant, healthy cities by advancing public health, empowering youth, and igniting change. We believe young people have the ability to effect change in their communities through activism, advocacy and involvement. Through our Youth Internship Program, we work with young people from Pomona to make lasting changes in the city that benefit residents, families and young people! To learn more about the internship program, contact

Day One Youth Advocate Program

Day One Youth Advocates experience a “hands-on” learning experience in finding solutions to public health issues and making the city a better place! This program is focused on healthy eating & active living, primarily around improving parks, drug/alcohol/tobacco prevention among young people and empowering youth to become agents of change in their communities. We meet every other week at Ganesha, Garey and Pomona High Schools, as well as our office. If you have any questions about meetings, please email Alfredo Camacho-Gonzalez:

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