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The San Gabriel Valley has a diverse range of natural resources that are essential to our health and habitats. In 2014, President Obama established the San Gabriel Mountains as the 8th National Monument under US Forest Service management. The San Gabriel National Monument permanently protects watersheds and water quality, conserves fish and wildlife, enhances air quality, and provides opportunities for outdoor recreation. The monument currently encompasses 346,177 acres of U.S Forest Service lands. In addition, the mountains are recognized as an important geological, ecological, historic, and scientific and recreational resource. 

The Nature for All Coalition is a partnership of community members, local leaders, cities, elected officials, businesses, non-governmental agencies, and environmental justice, health , and groups. These stakeholders are working to protect and provide equitable access to our public lands, recreational spaces, and natural resources. This includes parks, forests, rivers, bike paths, and other green spaces or infrastructure for historically underserved neighborhoods in the Los Angeles Region. In addition, the coalition is working on creating more natural spaces that improves communities’ health and wellbeing.


The San Gabriel Mountains Foothills and Rivers Act

Nature For All advocates environmental protection for our public lands like The San Gabriel Mountains Foothills and Rivers Act. The San Gabriel Mountains Foothills and Rivers Act (HR2215) is cosponsored by Congresswoman Judy Chu and Senator Kamala Harris. On February 12, 2021, the House of Representatives had passed the bill.  The legislation wants to designate the following:

  • Expand the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument by adding approximately 109,143 acres in the upper Los Angeles River watershed;

  • Establish the San Gabriel Mountains National Recreation Area for the San Gabriel and San Jose Foothills and the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers comprised of over 51,000 acres;

  • Expand Wilderness area designations within the San Gabriel Mountains by 31,069 acres; and

  • Designate 45.5 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers in the San Gabriel Mountains.


Nature for All Coalition Members 

  • Amigos de los Rios

  • API Forward Movement (APIFM)

  • Active SGV

  • Audobon at Debs Park

  • California Wilderness Coalition (CalWild)

  • Climate Resolve

  • Council of Mexican Federations (COFEM)

  • Day One 

  • National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA)

  • Sierra Club

  • Trout Unlimited 

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Our Work

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Active Transportation
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Equitable Access

Day One promotes sustainability  by informing the community the effects of disposing hazardous waste like prescription drugs (Rx) in our oceans through trash disposals and water drainage. This includes discussing the effects of outdoor smoking (tobacco and marijuana) in public spaces like parks, recreational, and community centers. 

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Photo Credit: Tom Rapier

Photo Credit: Nature for All 

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