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What is environmental Justice?

  • Environmental justice is a social movement


  • To achieve fair distribution of environmental benefits and burdens associated with economic production


  • Was heavily influenced by the American Civil Rights Movement


  • Environmental justice centers the fair distribution of benefits and burdens around communities of color


  • Issues and examples include:

    • Land use, pollution, transportation, parks & OPEN SPACE ACCESS, clean air, clean water, food access & climate.


Environmental justice is important because it is a basic human right. In 2015, Day One began to focus on environmental justice programs and projects. Check out some of our current environmental justice programs! 

Image by Naja Bertolt Jensen


Safe, Clean Water Program

Safe, Clean Water Program

Measure W was successfully passed by voters in November 2018 creating the Safe, Clean Water Program which will provide local, dedicated funding for stormwater and urban runoff to increase our local water supply, improve water quality, and protect public health. The program generates $285 million per year. 

Image by Shyam
Nature For All
Image by Ales Krivec

Nature For All 

Nature for All's mission is to build a diverse base of support to ensure that everyone in the Los Angeles area has equitable access to the wide range of benefits which nature provides. We’re committed to building support to protect, create access to our forests, rivers, and parks, and developing a new diverse generation of environmental leaders and stewards who connect to and care for our public lands.

DO Compost Pomona

DO Compost in Pomona

The DO Compost From Scraps to Soils (FSS) project was implemented in the Cities of El Monte and Pomona, CAthrough a partnership between DO and Americorps Climate Action Corps (CAC). The project encompassed hands-on learning and the creation of a community compost service to promote overarching goals of social justice, food waste reduction, community partnership, and environment conservation. 

Image by Annie Spratt

From Scraps to Soil project

We're thrilled to introduce our DO Compost restaurant partners: Bourreguitas, Pomona Pizza Co, and Mi Mercadito Market. These amazing businesses have agreed to donate their food scraps weekly to assist with our goal of collecting 1,200 lbs of food scraps. We’re grateful for their support and proud of the steps they are taking to promote the health of our Pomona community! Be sure to check out these tasty and environmentally-conscious spots! We’ve also set up a composting site with 2 compost bins in partnership with Lopez Urban Farm in Pomona. Lopez Urban Farm helped us work towards our goal of composting.


  • Provided 20 free Compost buckets to community members

  • 1,000 + people engaged with compost demonstrations.

  • 2,300 pounds of food waste collected in 9 weeks

  • 11 in-person/virtual  compost demos

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