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Environmental Prevention
Alcohol & Drugs

Community-Based Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention

Day One’s drug and alcohol prevention programs are aimed at improving community conditions and environments. Environmental approaches to positively influence individual decision-making utilize four strategies: Media messages, access and availability, policy and enforcement, and social norms.

Policy changes can assist in shifting community attitudes and behaviors toward alcohol and other drugs. The impact of now largely self-enforcing smoke-free policies over the past two decades on perceptions of and actual use of tobacco in California is an excellent example of the nexus between social norms and public health policy.

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Reducing Youth Access to Alcohol, Marijuana, and Tobacco

We address the availability and accessibility of alcohol and other drugs through environmental efforts that change policies, ordinances, and practices that facilitate drug use.


EmpoweRx, is an educational tool developed by RAD to empower community members to prevent prescription drug abuse and misuse and and easily keep track of their current prescription medications. 

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Alcohol Countermarketing

Counter-messaging and educational media campaigns help educate and inform community members of existing alcohol laws and policies, change the perceived norms of underage drinking, and support advocacy efforts to gain system changes in a community. The negative impacts of advertising and messaging can also be mitigated by restricting the type and placement of ads. For example, Day One and other supporting agencies, successfully passed a policy limiting alcohol advertisements at the Rose bowl.

Marijuana Prevention

We are committed to spreading awareness and knowledge of the risks associated with marijuana use, particularly among youth. As well as  empowering communities across Los Angeles County to educate each other.

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