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Youth Access

RAD Report Card

Alcohol & Drug Prevention Efforts

Day One’s alcohol prevention programs are aimed at improving community conditions and environments. Environmental approaches to positively influence individual decision-making utilize four strategies: Media messages, access and availability, policy and enforcement, and social norms.

RAD Report Card

The report is designed to be an easy-to-read document to inform residents, City staff and elected officials about:


  • Alcohol use rates in the SGV

  • Impact of Alcohol on communities

  • Evidence-based safeguards available to communities

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Underage Drinking “Reality Party” (2014-2021) 

Reality Party

Alcohol is the most widely misused drug by youth in our community, with serious, potentially lifelong negative consequences. However, many youth and parents underestimate the dangers of alcohol use.

To better inform the community about the risks of underage alcohol use, RAD Coalition members, Day One, Jewish Family Services, Pasadena Public Health Department and Pacific Clinics - Asian Pacific Family Center, in collaboration with Straight Up and other community partners, staged two "reality parties" in September 2014 to give parents an eye-opening opportunity to learn more about the current realities of underage drinking parties and how to help change these dangerous social norms.

Parents were able to take 30 minute tours through a staged party in a local residence and then participate in a 30 minute debrief discussion and resource fair. Local youth and teen actors depicted drug and alcohol use, as well as dangerous behavior, typically present at a teen party. 

Project Sticker Shock

Project Sticker Shock (2014-2024) 

Implemented in Pasadena, Pomona, El Monte, and Altadena, engaging youth advocates with community residents in conveying the importance of not buying alcohol for minors and educating retailers about engaging in safe alcohol sale practices. Efforts targeted high-risk holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Superbowl Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo.

A total of 10,000 stickers were placed on alcohol multipacks.

Take the survey!

This survey is to get your feedback on stickers posted at liquor stores about buying alcoholic products for minors. You can complete the questions whether you saw the stickers or not. If you complete this brief survey, your information will be included in a drawing. Thank you!


Esta encuesta es para obtener sus reacciones a las calcomanías que se encuentran dentro de las tiendas sobre el compro de productos alcohólicos para menores de edad. Puede contestar las preguntas sin importar si vio o no las calcomanías Si termina esta breve encuesta, su información será incluida en un sorteo. ¡Muchas Gracias!


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Alcohol Countermarketing (2014-2022) 

Counter Marketing

Counter-messaging and educational media campaigns help educate and inform community members of existing alcohol laws and policies, change the perceived norms of underage drinking, and support advocacy efforts to gain system changes in a community. The negative impacts of advertising and messaging can also be mitigated by restricting the type and placement of ads.


Below are ways we have addressed counter-messaging campaigns: 

  • Day One and other supporting agencies successfully passed a policy limiting alcohol advertisements at the Rose Bowl.

  • Alcohol Tent/Coasters 

  • DUI Prevention/Education

For more information, contact:

Alcohol Tent/Coasters

Over the last few years the RAD Coalition has partnered with over 40 bars and restaurants throughout the San Gabriel Valley to offer free coasters and table tents with prevention messaging reminding guests of the dangers and repercussions of driving under the influence.  Since this project began, we have distributed over 8,000 coasters and nearly 2,000 table tents. We’ve also reached over 26,000 SGV residents via social media during drinking holidays.


Day One’s drug and alcohol prevention programs aim to improve community conditions and environments. Environmental approaches to positively influence individual decision-making utilize four strategies: media messages, access and availability, policy and enforcement, and social norms.

Red Ribbon Week 

Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States. It began as a tribute to fallen DEA special agent Enrique Camerena in 1985.