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Day One strives to create equitable programs for low income families in the San Gabriel Valley. Scroll down to learn about our "Live" guiding principles and all of our programs and  Resources.


Live Loud 

We embrace  Youth Advocacy & Leadership. 

Live Long 

We build healthy environments with an environmental policy lens.

Live Love

We give back to our community.



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Project Sticker Shock

Project sticker shock is an national campaign designed to reduce underage drinking and promote safe drinking practices. Project Sticker Shock targets adults who might purchase alcohol legally and provide it to minors.


Community Embetterment

Motivated by love, Day One is passionate about the people and communities we work in. We believe in the potential of humanity and know that by caring, helping, and loving those we work with, regardless of their past, we are able to make a difference. We are driven by the knowledge that each person really can make a difference. And that each day can be day one, of a better more meaningful and purpose-driven life.

Contact: Jennifer@godayone.org | Cities: Pasadena, El Monte, Pomona


Tobacco Prevention

Public policy and environmental prevention is essential to build healthier schools, neighborhoods and communities. Day One assists communities, as key agents of change, as well as policymakers, in gathering relevant data and information, analyzing research findings, identifying policy options and implementing public health policy that improves quality of life for all.

Contact: Alisha@godayone.org | Cities: Monrovia, El Monte, Pomona

Nature For All

The Nature for All Coalition is a partnership of community members, local leaders, cities, elected officials, businesses, non-governmental agencies, and environmental justice, health , and groups. These stakeholders are working to protect and provide equitable access to our public lands, recreational spaces, and natural resources. This includes parks, forests, rivers, bike paths, and other green spaces or infrastructure for historically underserved neighborhoods in the Los Angeles Region. In addition, the coalition is working on creating more natural spaces that improves communities’ health and wellbeing.

Contact: Nenetzin@godayone.org | Cities: San Gabriel Valley


Watershed Health

Day One serves as one of 12 Watershed Coordinators throughout Los Angeles County! Watershed Coordinators support the Safe Clean Water Program by educating and building capacity in communities and facilitating community and stakeholder engagement with the Safe, Clean Water Program. The duties and responsibilities of Watershed Coordinators center around connecting potential Regional Program applicants with technical resources and building inclusion and meaningful engagement.

The Upper San Gabriel River Watershed Area includes Big Dalton Wash, San Dimas Wash, Walnut Creek, Live Oak Wash, and San Jose Creek. Cities that fall within the boundaries of this Watershed Area include: Baldwin Park, Duarte, Glendora, Industry, Los Angeles County, West Covina, Diamond Bar, Claremont, Azusa, La Verne, Walnut, Irwindale, La Puente, El Monte, Duarte, South El Monte, Bradbury, Arcadia, Monrovia, Pomona, and San Dimas. The Upper San Gabriel River Watershed Area is estimated to receive up to $18.9 million annually to fund regional projects and programs. To learn more about the Safe Clean Water Program or to get connected with stormwater capture project funding opportunities, contact Alfredo via email.




Contact: Alfredo@godayone.org | Cities: San Gabriel Valley



Toma Tu Tax Refund

Day One has been awarded by the Office of Minority Health a grant to help low income communities learn about Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and provide free tax preparation through our IRS certified tax volunteers at Cal State LA and Cal Poly Pomona. 


EITC is a tax refund and is a benefit for working people with low to moderate income. Our tax preparers help check your eligibility during your appointment and file it in your tax return. If you are a worker with dependent children that have annual incomes below $56,000, you may be eligible for the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)!

Research shows that EITC can decrease poverty, improve family health, reduce family stress, and improve graduation rates! However, one in five eligible filers don't claim the EITC. We want to help raise awareness about this benefit so you can enjoy the extra money with your family.


Empower Rx

PEmpoweRx, is an educational tool developed by RAD to empower community members to prevent prescription drug abuse and misuse and and easily keep track of their current prescription medications. The purpose of the EmpoweRx project is to provide information about safe prescription drug use and local safe disposal locations to help prevent accidental ingestion, misuse, overdose, and harm to our environment. 

Contact: Claudia@godayone.org | Cities: San Gabriel Valley

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Active Transportation

Active transportation refers to human-powered methods of travel, such as walking, bicycling or rolling to get from one place to another. At Day One, we aim to create equitable safe streets for all road users! Check out some of our projects below.

Contact: Colin@godayone.org | City: Pasadena


Walking School Bus or Bike Train Sign Up (Students)

Day One, PUSD and the City of Pasadena are working together to support a Safe Routes to School walking school bus or bike train at the following schools for the fall 2021 semester. We’re looking for parents who would like their children to participate.

Walking School Bus or Bike Train Sign Up (Parents)

Day One, PUSD and the City of Pasadena are working together to support a Safe Routes to School walking school bus or bike train at the following schools for the fall 2021 semester. Stipends available. Pasadena Volunteer Clearance required for participation.

COVID-19 Resources

During these difficult times, we bring you this extensive resource directory which includes partners throughout the San Gabriel Valley.