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Pasadena Safe Routes to School

Pasadena Safe Routes to School is a movement to make Pasadena healthier by helping local children and families get to school in an active, healthy manner. 

Active Streets | Safe Streets

According to the City of Pasadena and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, traffic crashes are the number one cause of premature death in the County for children aged 5-14. Vehicle collisions are also the number two cause of premature death for children 1-4, young adults 15-24, and adults 25-44.


Day One is dedicated to creating safe, livable streets in Pasadena. For seven years, we have worked on projects encouraging and supporting the community to drive less and walk, bike, take transit, and share rides more. Check out all of our current and previous projects below. 

Safe Routes to School

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A.A. History Walk

Walking Tour of the African American History of Pasadena

Originally conceived by the NAACP Pasadena Branch as a bus tour, this version, as a self-guided walking tour, was co-created by the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition (PasCSC) and the NAACP for “Walktober 2020.”  Walktober is an annual event organized and promoted by PasCSC to get people walking in Pasadena. In February 2021, Day One, received a grant from America Walks to add voice recordings to this tour, create an educational toolkit, add quiz questions to the tour, and create a short promotional video. Our goal is to make the walking tour and toolkit an ongoing resource for the Pasadena community and students. 

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Pasadena Walks

Pasadena Walks

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point. Pasadena Walks! is a project to develop a Pedestrian Plan for our city. Since January 2021, Day One has supported Toole Design and the City of Pasadena Department of Transportation in identifying barriers to walking and options for improvement. As proud members of the project team, we encourage Pasadena Community Members to visit the Pasadena Walks webpage for more information and to sign up for the project updates email list. Help us make Pasadena a better, safer, healthier place for walking.

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Safer Streets Pasadena

The Safer Streets Pasadena 2021 campaign was implemented from June through September 2021. Funding for the program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety to the City of Pasadena Department of Transportation. Day One was contracted by the City to perform the work. The goal was to provide bike lights, safety information and helmets, primarily to adult transportation bicyclists and students, as well as youth bicyclists. 

Altogether, Day One staff gave out 844 light sets and 291 helmets over the course of 15 streetside pop-ups and 14 community events. All light recipients were shown how to use the lights and also how to replace the batteries. All helmet recipients were shown how to properly fit and adjust their helmets. Active SGV mechanics joined DO staff by providing 74 on-site bike safety checks. All the light recipients received a “Ride Right” bike safety booklet. Additional booklets were distributed at local bike shops, community centers and libraries. One thousand booklets were distributed in total. A total of 151 “Ride Right” posters were also distributed to local Pasadena businesses, community centers and libraries, and 23 large posters were placed at local bus stops.

Safer Streets Pasadena
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Previous Active Streets Projects!

Previous Projects


Project Wheelie 

Pasadena Transportation Department

The SCAG Project Wheelie(PW) was a collaboration between Day One, Active SGV, and Pasadena Complete Streets. PW sought to increase community access to biking as a mode of transportation for Pasadena residents. The project was composed of two parts, 1) a Bike Repair program, where interested community members could sign up for time slots for socially distanced bike repair sessions, and 2) a Bike match program that matched residents willing to offer their bikes with residents in need of bikes. The project was widely shared around the City of Pasadena through various sources, including through local newspapers, local council members, and community outreach to local bike groups, in addition to the group's own social media outreach efforts. Day One repaired a total of 35 bikes for members of our community. Through the Bike Match Program, we received a total of 45 community submissions. Of those submissions, 30 were requests, while 24 were bike offers. One of the offers was from the CalTech Bike Lab, which offered a total of 12 bikes and over 25 different bike parts such as tires, wheels, and frames towards the exchange program. Through these efforts, we were able to make seven bike matches during the project period.


Walk Local Bike Solo 

Pasadena Transportation Department

Formally known as Bike Month, The Walk Local, Bike Solo (WLBS) Safety Campaign was launched in April 2020 to respond to COVID-19. This campaign provided COVID-19 safe virtual activities, safety messaging, and tips for pedestrians and bicyclists. Due to COVID-19 and the increased numbers of pedestrians and bicyclists on the streets, this campaign reminded community members about the rules of the road and COVID-19 protocols and procedures. The virtual activities consisted of scavenger hunts, photo contests, and self-guided tours. The WLBS  was wholly digital and relied upon participation from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook users. The WLBS team developed 17 total online activities with 97 active participants, 15 social media winners, and 134 posts through the #walklocalbikesolo. In May, the WLBS campaign launched a free bike service for low-income and disadvantaged families and individuals who needed basic bicycle maintenance and repairs. Additionally, we included 152 bike lights with the bike repair service. The bike repair service followed strict guidelines and procedures. There was 80 total requested appointments and 48 repaired bikes in April and May 2020.