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Looking for a safe place to leave your children this summer? 

SKILLZ is a PUSD approved summer school designed for current 7th and 8th graders (2021-2022). The program runs Monday - Thursday, from 8 AM - 3 PM, and is not your typical summer school. SKILLZ is built on an environment of love and support that focuses on social emotional learning to teach students how to process their emotions, communicate effectively, and create healthy boundaries to succeed in life. SKILLZ also offers students a fun new approach to math that focuses on improving students' feelings and basic understanding of math. 

All of our students will receive one on one college planning & support and be able to experience a variety of youth and family resources available to them. All program participants will also have the opportunity to participate with their family in our complementary family nights. Please note that SKILLZ is open to all PUSD students, however, priority will be given to those students who have failed a classes and need to make up credits. 


Don’t hesitate and sign up today in the link below! 

For Parents


Calling out all 7th and 8th grade PUSD students!

Looking to receive elective credits and/or recovery credits? If so, the Summer SKILLZ Program is for you! 


Join us for the Summer SKILLZ Program running Monday - Thursday (no school on Fridays! woohoo!), June 13th - July 14th. SKILLZ is not a typical summer school, it focuses on improving basic life skills such as learning to communicate effectively, setting boundaries, setting goals, and being an active member of your community. You’ll also be learning how to strengthen your math skills and learn a couple of tips and tricks to help you in the future. 

Our program is full of caring adults and other youth who are all here for you and want to see you succeed.  You can connect with mentors and can receive one on one support. You will also be able to connect and build new friendships with students from different schools and have the opportunity to go on field trips in the community. 


Spaces are limited so claim your spot by filling out the application in the sign up link!

Oh and tell your friends to pull up too !

For Students
Why join?

Why join the Life Skillz Program?

  • 7th graders - Receive credit recovery in Math 

  • 8th graders - Get ahead and start the 2022 school year with elective credits 

  • No school on Fridays, only 18 days!

  • Delicious lunch food!

  • Music and fun interactive activities 

  • Field Trips 

  • Family Night Events 

  • Make new friends with other young people in Pasadena

  • Learn how to speak up for yourself 

  • Learn how to manage stress and other emotions

  • Improve your math skills and learn new tips and tricks to make it easier and more fun!

The Life SKILLZ program is a unique learning experience where we believe that every student has the right to achieve their full potential.


The program is designed for students who have multiple F's and are at the highest risk of dropping out.


Our intention is to provide a safe, supportive, environment, built on high expectations that can inspire a student to thrive. A place where students will build their confidence and start to believe that they can and will succeed.


Our goal is to improve school success, increase academic confidence,  motivation, social skills, and personal connections.



Have questions

Contact the Life Skillz Program Manager.

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